Sunday, 13 April 2014

House in Fontinha

A hilltop house in Portugal by architect Manuel Aires Mateus via dezeen. "The house is designed in the balance between a courtyard house, with a protected core relating to the sky, and an opening to the distant ocean view," said the architects.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Ivor Abraham; the inventor of the filter aesthetic?

Ivor Abrahams, ‘Philosophy of Furniture’ 1976
philosophy of furniture,screenprint, 1976
Ivor Abrahams, ‘[no title]’ 1978untitled, lithograph, 1978
Ivor Abrahams, ‘The Conqueror Worm’ 1976
the conqueror worm, 1976
Ivor Abrahams, ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ 1976
the masque of the red death, 1976
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Works Past I’ 1976
works past, 1976
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Xing a Paragrab’ 1976
xing on a paragrab, 1976
Ivor Abrahams, ‘[no title]’ 1978
no title 1978

Oxford Gardens Suite


Ivor Abrahams
Oxford Gardens, 1977
Screen Print and Varnish on Paper

Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens V’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens II’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens VI’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens X’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens VII’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens IV’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Oxford Gardens VI’ 1977
Ivor Abrahams, ‘Untitled [from the book 'Oxford Gardens: a Sketchbook' by Ivor Abrahams]’ 1977

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ruin Lust Tate

"An Anglicisation of the German word Ruinenlust, ruin lust describes a fascination with the traces and vestiges of the past"

Yes please.
B: Clapton Park Estate, Mandeville Street, London E5; Bakewell Court; Repton Court; March 1995, Rachel Whiteread
Swanage (Steps in a Field) c.1936, Paul Nash
Azeville 2006, Jane and Louise Wilson
Ruin Lust, at the Tate until May 18th via anothermag

Architecture Snippets from Present and Correct

A lovely blog to stumble upon

 via presentandcorrect